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The website is a repository of articles authored by Gaurav Pingle (Practising Company Secretary) and published in various professional journals, business journals, newsletters / magazines of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), including the souvenir or backgrounder for various regional and national level conclaves / conferences / seminars conducted by ICSI.

The articles have been published on various topics of Company Law and Securities Law, which includes: Corporate Governance, Related Party Transactions, Fiduciary Duties of Directors, Managerial Remuneration, Board Processes, conducting and convening of meetings, Secretarial Standards, SEBI’s Insider Trading Regulations, Takeover Code, analysis of SEBI / SAT / Apex Court rulings, etc.

The published articles have been hosted on the website with the sole purpose of creating a repository and a ready reference for professionals in their assignments. The access to the website is free.

Suggestions and feedbacks on the articles and the overall portal presentation are always welcome.

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